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RKC1000E - Knitting Computer Emulator

The Knitting Calculator running on your computer

RKC1000E takes the time, tedium, the guesswork and inaccuracies out of charting both machine and hand knits. RKC1000E is simple to operate and always accurate. To chart garments, you feed your correct stitch and row gauge into RKC1000E. The next step is to feed the garment section by letter (G, for example, is an armhole or neck line shape). Follow by feeding in the garment section measurements. RKC1000E will convert your measurements to actual stitches and rows. Follow this with the width, in stitches, and the length, in rows, and RKC1000E will give you exact instructions, where to increase, decrease, etc. for your shapings.

Always wanted to be able to print the instructions from the Brother Knit Calculator?
Always wanted to be able to save the instructions you worked out?
Always wanted to have a knit calculator on your PC?

With RKC1000 Knitting Computer Emulator you have it all.

Neck Back

Back Neck
You can rest 2/3 of sts in the middle

* 1* MODE G

(X)=   2.5cm
(Y)=   1.5cm
X = 2.5 cm -> 2.9 cm
Y = 1.5 cm -> 2.2 cm
 X=   2.9cm   4S 
 Y=   2.2cm   4R 
    Decrease 4 sts of 2.9 cm
in 4 rows of 2.2 cm.
     P=   0 R 
     T=   3.9 cm 
    T (Arc length) is 3.9 cm.

      R        S 
      1   2-   2 
      3   2-   0 

1st row: Decrease 2 sts. leaving 2 sts
3rd row: Decrease 2 sts. leaving none.
4th row: Knit as is.

RKC1000 Emulator RKC1000E on-line help RKC1000 Operation Manual Free trial

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