RKC1000E - Knitting Computer Emulator

Do you want to know whether RKC1000E Knitting Computer Emulator is for you? You can download RKC1000E here. You don't have to download the on-line help separately as the on line help is part of the download.

The download is a standard InstallShield installation. You can de-install the package very easy.

The restriction of the demo is that one can see the word DEMO and that printing is disabled. After a while the program will be turned off. If you want to try it further, please press the ON button and the program starts again.

You can buy the full version of RCK1000E from one of the resellers

The RKC1000E program will become integral part of the SilverKnit package. SilverKnit users can enter the serial numberof the SilverKnit box in the Registration Code field. You find the serialnumber of the SilverKnit box (SK-nn-nn-nnnnn) on the bottom of the SilverKnit box.

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